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emergency response testing

Meeting industry requirements for a marine emergency response cooperation plan (ERCOP) is a specialist activity which requires a thorough understanding of current legislation and best practice for assuring and testing resources.

NSS have simple systems for third party verification which can support compliance with industry regulators such as the MCA. NSS have been providing these services to the oil and gas industry since 1994 and have a tried and tested model which can be applied to the offshore renewables industry.

  • An initial consultation can identify the site, the resources and the assets available to meet emergency response requirements. 
  • Vessel and crew audits verify the resources and compliances with applicable standards and provide scope for review, reporting and recording.
  • Annual exercises with full briefings provide performance testing data and a hands-on analysis of the ER capability with report and data recording.
  • An ongoing programme of desktop exercises can support smaller areas requiring attention both shorebased and offshore.

A programme of ongoing on/offshore development and testing can provide a robust and  practical method for maintaining health and safety to national standards and nss can verify this as a 3rd party.
The resultant reports and measurement data can be integrated with operator QHSE management systems to support in-house audits and appraisals this leads to enhancement to work method statements, hazard analysis and risk assessments.

The scope covered by ERCOP support includes:
SAR Helicopter arrangements, marine intervention and waterborne rescue incorporating search planning, liaison with rescue authorities, medical care, vessel and crew compliance, navigational safety arrangements, shorebased command and control (incident management), next of kin support, media arrangements, de-briefing and reporting, continual review and ongoing development, crew and vessel audit.

"NSS have been providing these services to the oil
and gas industry
since 1994"